étchpie straillqusse euguène !

June 1, 2003

Everything is possible comme ils disent. D’ailleurs ils le prouvent :)

An employee of Hewlett-Packard who broke quarantine to go to work despite showing symptoms of SARS has become one of the latest casualties of the disease.
The 62-year-old man, who died Saturday night, was a long-time employee at the company’s information processing plant in Markham. He succumbed to the disease after a lengthy stay in hospital, becoming the city’s 27th victim of SARS.
The man’s illness has been linked to the original outbreak by health authorities who called for a total quarantine of the HP plant last month when they learned the man could have knowingly placed nearly 200 co-workers in danger.
…etc blablabla…

Si vous avez un HP vous aller donc mourrir du virus de l’espace. C’est bien fait, fallait pas acheter un HP.