May 14, 2009

photo de oz wtf is my personal blog. It is written in (bad) english, although I have been ranting on my life in french for a few years here too. There is a lot of embarrassingly stupid stuff here, so if you read french, don’t hold it against me. :)

This picture of me is a billion years old if I count correctly, and no I don’t have that rat (Debian was the name) anymore. These crawlers don’t live that long. I do have a ferret however, but am reluctant to inflict more pictures of my ridiculous myself to the Internets. My “friends” are doing that just fine for me.

If you have an interest in geek rants, or random prose about some experiments with computers. Read on.

BTW, if you need more context: I’m french, leaving in Mexico, Oaxaca at the moment.