Five fingers

July 2, 2010

It’s 4AM, and I’m not going to talk about shoes. I’m really going to tell you about how bad it is to get drunk.

The fact is I heard about Vibram’s five- fingers a few days ago, and found the idea of feeling what I was walking on quite interesting, and new (?). In the end it would be the same you would experience were you to walk barefoot around your place, which happens to me quite a lot. I hate (most) shoes ; all the more during those hot afternoons of summer.

Furthermore, the awful look of their product and the barefooting meme that seems to be going on tickled my geek senses. Like “oooh it’s quite ugly, I wonder if it works”.

So I searched the Internet, and found a shop around Paris that sold them to the same price the online shop would, without the annoying delivery delay/expenses.

After walking with those for a few hours, let me tell you that a) my feet do not hurt (good for me, I have touchy feets :p), b) I’m quite happy with buying them even though the base price is around 90 euros. I am still to try to run with those shoes, but won’t have any time to do so for a week or two because of the upcoming RMLL in Bordeaux. How convenient for me.

Oh, and I’m telling you about this because I’m a little drunk, and were I a little less, I’d probably be chatting with the cute girl who asked me about climbing with those shoes, on the way home in the bus. Nobody’s perfect. :p