Holiday report #82a3

September 9, 2010

It’s confusing how I manage to sleep so little when on holiday. maybe work’s less amusing than running around in California. The longest trip we made so far was from SF to LA, artificially long to enjoy a little more of the West coast’s natural parks, which are ridiculously huge, and amazing… Anyway, we’ll be staying in LA for a few days, then head East to the Mojave desert and canyons, and whatever comes when one’s trying to follow the dead route 66. We should eventually take a break at the so called “Bagdad café”, stop here and there to take lousy pictures of the US, and if we’re lucky enough, be back to Vegas, a day before our plane leaves. :)

I’m also anticipating the horror of sorting, and uploading the flood of pictures to Flickr, so I got an iPad (yes… it is related, sort of). However, for now, it’s time for coffee, and banana-walnut bread. runs away