October 2, 2010

The french OSDC is happening next week-end in Paris. If you’re around and interested in a little chat about your favorite technology/programming language, come and meet us. As for myself, I’ll be giving a little introduction and overview of node.js, which has considerably contributed to making “server-side javascript” mainstream again.

Maybe you don’t care about all that javascript stuff as much as I do. On the other hand, the schedule includes talks about Perl and Perl 6, Dancer, Smalltalk, PHP (which should contrast against last year “light” contribution of the PHP community) ; and some lightning talks on a few ruby gems… Did I mention there will be talks on postgresql, and even some nosql-related on riak, redis?

Well, I did my part of buzzing… Oh, and there’ll most probably be an after- event with beer, geeks, and no trolls about The One True Language. See you around. :)