outside in

December 29, 2010

What’s up? Well, on my side of this blog not much. 2010 is finally dying, and I’ve been considering doing a few silly things to celebrate, like selling some of my stuff (in order to make some room for myself). Let’s say it’s a resolution for 2011. For example, I do not depend on my TV to get news, or… watch TV. Let’s sell the stupid thing already. On the other hand, I hate new- year’s resolutions, so let’s call it a challenge. The latter is much more likely to make my lazy ass do it.

Since I’m talking about my place, I have to admit that I need to fill my fridge, since he’s been almost empty since I got back from the traditional family diners of December (it’s been almost a week). However, I keep discovering (surprise!) more excuses to bury my stupid-self under piles of work… so empty the fridge remains.

The good news, is that I’m spending 3 months in Mexico starting in February 2011. I’m still not sure if it’s a great idea, since the place is damn far. But I’m quite sure, on the other hand, that I have to get away from my little world for a while, to check out what’s happening somewhere else. To put it simply, I’m bored: I need a bigger horizon, or at the very least: distraction.

Let’s see how tele-commuting works out for me. :)