Kisses from Oaxaca

February 5, 2011

It’s been 6 days since I took off from France… What can I say about Mexico? It’s great. In some ways it is like I thought it would be, with a good deal of surprises, and discoveries too. I don’t like very much what I have seen of Mexico City, although I did not spend an awful lot of time there, and will be staying around Oaxaca a lot more… Oaxaca’s definitely my cup of tea. My spanish’s still bad but improving. I’ve already tasted a few types of mezcals from here and there, learned that the tourist season is expected soon, and and whole lot of other stuff I don’t want to explain for lack of time or motivation to write everything down here. :)

When I’m less lazy I’ll post a bunch of photos on a jekyll log for those who want them. I’ll keep you posted on that, don’t worry.

I guess it’s already “tomorrow” in Paris, so I’ll let you to your pillows. Hopefully we’ll meet again in may. ;)