kill all humans

March 17, 2011

What’s so great about the nuclear threats in Japan, is that apparently, one must choose between two antagonist positions and explain to the internet in great length why it is the best…

The ecologist believes the accidents are another proof that nuclear energy is a mistake, plus they produce so much waste, blah blah blah.

The rationalist with a hidden agenda believes nuclear plants are the only sustainable option, and perfectly safe once you’ve dismantled the antiques built according to designs from the 70s.

At any rate, our greed for energy would seem to be the root of this problem ; which leaves us two choices: being less greedy of our resources (laugh here), or annihilate a good part of the human population (with some help from the pidjins). But please, whether you’re an ecologist (yay for green energy!), or a rationalist (yay for critical thinking), shut the fuck up about it for once. Thank you.