I'm not dead, yet.

March 31, 2011

The advantages to being in Mexico are quite many, and I won’t bother counting, or comparing to whatever other country you live in. I’m reaaally good where I am now, and sad that I shall return back to France “soon”.

However, one major drawback is that I get an incredible amount of mails from friends (and ex-friends too… wtf go away!) trying to get in touch, and deserving a response. So, if I’m slow responding to your mail or IRC queries, I’m really sorry.

However, I also realized how little mails and phone calls I got from my family since they’re now flooding my inbox quasi-daily. I still have a handy macro in mutt that deletes any mail bigger than 1MB, which helps. :)

… but in the end, playing dead with your mother/father is quite a nasty thing to do, or is it?