Things to do before...

July 7, 2011

I should find a guide for people relocating to another country, and more precisely “leaving France”. There’s so much to be done before the end of september, it seems I only add things to my todo list right now. On the “done” front, I’ll be without a home at the end of september (which is good news!), and I think I sold almost everything I wanted gone ; now I only need to stash a few things (books, clothes, porn collection, etc.) at my parents’ place, or wherever they’d be marginally safe.

Now’s the time when I wonder… where I can have my backup-box stored too? It slept at home, gently streaming audio to pulse, or quietly activating at times to rsync with a handful of boxes, but that would be a pain between France and Mexico. That’s if I did found a safe place with broadband network to store it too! And I won’t travel with 4Tb of data in my pockets. Ideas?

Oh yeah, I should get dressed and go to work. Gotta throw more javascript at that crazy UI thing we’re doing for a major french TV group. :)