moving disks

August 12, 2011

Since I’m leaving France for a “little trip” to Mexico, I thought I’d sell my current laptop (a sturdy Lenovo X200) to get something more up to date. After a week fighting with TNT’s delivery service support morons, I finally got my hands on a brand new X220. Size is the same, weight does not change that much since I wanted a decent battery life, but overall, it’s a fucking win.


The engineers at Lenovo thought it would be fun to have a slightly smaller space to cram a HDD in your laptop, and so my good old SSD (Crucial C300, so far so good) did not fit (too big “that’s what she said” blah blah). I had to remove a “useless” part of it following this guy’s advice, and boot the laptop hoping it’d be happy this way.

… A firmware package download later (wifi driver), the Debian boots up like nothing happened deciphering my home as usual. Er… I wanted to say that I love when software just works, and oh thank the geeks that kindly make it so (you won’t never read these lines, but still, thank you guys).

Also, did I mention I got my plane tickets for september, 30th? Did I mention I’m just as anxious as I’m happy about all this? I hope things work out well at my dayjob, and once I get there too. It’ll be the second time I’ll be living in Oaxaca, but still.