December 30, 2011

I think I wrote a few time about disconnecting. I’ve been on an Internet-diet those past weeks: partly due to moving to a new home and waiting for Telmex to acknowledge that (3 weeks), and partly due to vacations to a “No Service” zone. The latter being the more radical approach since I’ll turn the phone’s airplane mode to save on battery life.

While I’m not as organized as a certain danah boyd might be, you may enjoy reading a few things from her on this particular topic.

Things are now back to “normal”: which mean I’m reading e-mails, tweets, dents, whatever you could send to me, and still not answering in a timely manner.

I’m slowly unpiling a sh*t-load of unread blog posts. The good thing however is that given the amount of data, I’m now filtering things like a spam- assassin on LSD. That’s a very sane way of reading news, and avoiding every new-aweseome-pattern-cool-tech rant will make you more productive in the end.