A few things on the Corona music fest in Oaxaca

February 12, 2012

This week-end I was at a beer-sponsored concert in Oaxaca with big names like Molotov, Fobia, Sussie 4, etc. If you never heard of them, don’t worry too much, I hadn’t either: I have tons of work to know more this place… That being said it was the first time I went to a big concert in Mexico so I have to admit I was surprised by a few things.

The first is being told I couldn’t get in with a messenger bag (outdoor concert: clothes), which was easily solved by the security-guy checking it really thoroughly until he took away a ball-point pen forgotten in there… I wonder if he seriously thought I could kill someone with a pen. Well that’s not really mexican, I’ve had my fair-share of zealous checks in Europe too.

The second weird thing for me is the habit a few mexicans have of throwing all kind of stuff in the air to express their feelings. Best case: they start throwing their beers. Worst case: one wasted guy’s too lazy to walk to the bathroom ; yummy. In the end, I was quite pleased I could get in with a hoodie. :p