Hipster not

February 24, 2012

Chromium has become half of my day-job environment. It has the nicest debugger out there, it’s snappy, and that’s all I need for testing web apps lately. On the other end, Firefox’s (currently beta 11) is my goto-browser for everything else. The Pentadactyl extension is a blessing for my fingers (except when dealing with web-apps that try to dispute the keyboard with pentadactyl: It won’t let them), and the mouse… well who uses mouse anymore? All you need is a keyboard and/or a touch-screen.

Recently, one thing struck me in this setup. Chromium has opened tabs that deal with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and the likes of it, while Firefox is all about nodejs, and coffee-script. Lately, it seems that there’s a growing trench between what I do to eat, and what I enjoy in computers.