On twitter slowly locking down its API

September 7, 2012

Twitter must have a lot of bored managers/directors sitting at their bad decisions board. The good thing is, maybe a few people will realize they’re being used, and start looking at the alternatives.

IMHO good alternatives could look a lot like ADN, which is to say user-centric rather than ad-based (forget FB, G+, etc). It’s so simple: caring about your users rather than squeeze revenue out of them through ads.

I used ADN as “good example” because it has gained quite a lot of attention lately. Attention means users, traction, kind words from TechCrunch, that kind of boring non-technical details… It is far from perfect though. The worse thing about it is that being based on user subscriptions makes it completely centralized. My inner geek is hurt. I want my Internets decentralized, with standardized, open protocols. As a matter of fact, technically, identi.ca would fit perfectly here. If only people (including its original owners) would stop thinking of it as “a Twitter clone”… People don’t want copies of Twitter, they want Twitter. Make something new and different, or at least pretend it’s different enough. Sure it’s stupid, but aren’t we too? Because it seems to work quite well for ADN.

BTW, I’m @ephoz on Twitter. ;)