Old things

October 18, 2012

I just received an e-mail from my grand-father reacting to my “new” car:


He wrote something something like “aah I owned one of those too in 1972! Be careful.” This particular VW was made in 1973. My grand-father wins! Then I realized I also own other old things like this Yashica camera which was manufactured in the sixties, and that I really love although it’s too heavy and has totally-not-leica-grade glass:


I don’t care, I like taking pictures with it. My point here is not to say “hey look at my cool old stuff”, since most of you probably don’t give a fuck about those antique and unpractical objects. I own a more recent (and practical! look at me I’m normal!) digital DSLR camera, it’s not unlike a friend’s one. However his camera is now dying a slow death after 5 years of service. Of course the warranty’s expired, and in a few months it’ll be useless, and worth very little.

So this is really a post to say fuck you to planned obsolescence! Because of this, I’m amazed when I find old things that still work, while this should be the norm.

Hey look I almost managed to not mention Apple up to this point and … shit. Thanks for reading.