I'm a pink europoid

October 20, 2012

I was filling immigration papers in Mexico, when I was asked for my “race”. I decided to check the official help for this particular form, feeling I was probably some kind of “caucasian” or “europoid”. Turns out my race is simply white. The choices are (translated word for word): “White, Yellow (asian); Black, Native/indigenous/Aboriginal, Mixed Race” .

First, I’m not white you big racist non-politically correct government. I’m rather pink-ish, especially true after unexpected exposure to direct sunlight. I’m kinda shocked that in Mexico, some people are yellow and hey in case you did not get it, it really means asian, between parenthesizes. Race questions always seems simpler in governmental forms than on Wikipedia.

So in case you were wondering, I still get cultural shocks, and think these people are a little crazy. :)