Feeling old?

February 19, 2013

Opening the ham inbox this morning, I’m met with a Flickr-mail…

Subject: [Flickr] You've been invited to join Age is Just a Number
Date: 19 Feb 2013 15:21:06 +0000
From: "Jelly Coldfinger via Flickr (no-reply)" <...@flickr.com>
To: ...@cyprio.net

What is this, I thought, am I already entering that age when you’re invited me to support groups for thirty-somethings that can’t bear their years?

Proceeding to the group’s page, I’m met with the following description:

About Age is Just a Number.

A cool relaxed place for photographers under 25 of all levels to learn & share and meet new friends.

Surprise! So actually, I’m too old? Crap, you’re never the right age for something, and age is not just a number. Stupid kids.