July 11, 2013

I’m currently in the middle of planning holidays next month in Europe. We’ll be landing in Madrid in august for roughly a month and a half (yay Baruco!). We plan to go to Barcelona, Venice, Paris, and a few other places too. :)

This gave me the opportunity to try Trello to get a better overview of the whole trip: places to go, friends to visit, etc. As Kanban boards go, Trello’s default lists of “todo”, “doing”, and “done” works well for the tickets and reservation part. I need to buy these tickets, and book this hotel… But once, every reservation ends in the “done” list, you’re left with a huge “todo” full of ideas to try while in one place or another. Using labels helps filtering, but it’s still a mess.

The solution I tried is obviously more boards! I’m not visiting too many places, which means I can use a second board to have one list per place or occasion, and cram more cards there. ’works like a charm.

In the end, Trello’s nice to have when I’m using a hotel/airport’s wifi. But I haven’t had a data plan for years, which means I have no access to my data (save for what’s cached on my phone) when on the go. I still carry a Moleskine to copy important stuff in case Internet is off limit or phone’s out of batteries, or lost whatever. Paper’s best, but I’d still like some way to tell the Trello app to sync everything offline (hint: including PDF attachments that double as plane tickets) like Evernote does so well…