Get out

October 18, 2013

I work from home most of the time (big screen with typematrix <3). So with time, my home is really like my office. At the same time it is also the workshop where my girlfriend spends most of her time painting…

Our place is probably not the typical dream home, it’s a little bit messy: there’s stuff everywhere because we don’t need it to be another way. We need a place to think and work on our creations (be they bits, or paintings), and occasionally socialize with other human beings. :)

At any rate, I grow bored rapidly if I have to sit at the same place every day. More so if my current tasks are not giving me the joy and passion I’m craving. I wish work could be fun 100% of the time, but it’s not. :)

So, getting out of the office every once in a while really helps a lot. Try it. :)

working at a café