November 26, 2013

So, the story is I’m getting married in January next year, the 11th to be precise.

I’m learning the whole “we” everywhere thing, but the truth is we are not so fond of doing everything together. Rather we’re more like practical human beings with a good track-record of not killing each other, and a natural taste for having people enjoy themselves around us. Obviously, the girl is awesome, talented, blah blah blah… I haven’t written this speech yet. :)

This also means we’re having a little party with around 150 persons at the latest head-count, and we’re also trying not to become too much of a skinflint with the cost of it all.

Meanwhile, I’ll just ignore the dying NAS disks, the VPS bills piling here and there, and other rather useless geeky stuff. Yes, I will. I’m positive I’m not paying attention to all of this stuff, and focusing purely on getting cute flowers and good liquor to every table.