October 25, 2016

I have put my startup-y projects aside for a while now. There is only so much time that I would invest in something that won’t pay its server bills, no matter how fun it is. Still, not easy.

Anyway, to move on I joined MailPoet a few months ago, taking over a project that had been entirely developed by one person, using a technology that no one else there knew very well (why?). That one person decided to leave. Rather than let the project die, MailPoet decided to hire a new person: I have a few years of experience doing ruby and devops, so the role fits me quite well.

Furthermore, I am used to 100% remote work, the team is nice, the to-be-announced project is as awesome as it is challenging. New team, new project, new things to learn. So far, so good.

So you know, new job is nice and all, but I will focus on more important things for now, like my new born daughter. :)